Herbal Garden:- In the school campus there is a Herbal Garden there is a Herbal Garden having approx. 35 varieties of different medicinal plants and their plantation.
Environmental Awareness Activities:- Environmental awareness activities are celebrated in and around the school campus. Awareness programmes activities for surrounding areas are organized such as rallies, cleanliness, drive etc.

Future Plan :-

· Extension and maintenance of Herbal Garden.
· Celebration of more activities by organizing visits to historical places such as Sanghol, Chapper Chidi etc.


· Visited to NAPLI Forest.
· Visited to Chattbir Zoo.
· Visited to Botenical Garden.
· Visited to PEDA.
· Visited to Lake for migratory birds.

Eco Club Incharge :- SUNITA KAMBOJ(J.B.T. Teacher)

Peace Club of the School

Activities of Peace Club :-

· Various activities are organized as directed by the department such as thanks giving week etc.
· ‘ ONE VIRTUE ONE WEEK’ project will be started. In morning assembly one virtue wiil be focused for one week such as truth, sincerity, honesty, love, compassion, friendliness etc.
Incharge of Peace Club :- SUNITA KAMBOJ(J.B.T. Teacher)